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Riddhi jhala

Blogger, Passionate Writer, Fashion & Fitness Enthusiast.

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Influence is power, having an influence on a wide audience lets you connect, motivate, inspire, learn,
During childhood, mostly every kid wished to get the shakalaka boom boom magic pencil or other fairy
With 2017 nearly coming to an end let’s round up with trend talk all about fashion. trends are important
Great leaders are always readers! Books can be your best friend, as people these days are selfish &
IN today’s era, the first task that we do while getting up in the morning is check our phone & messages,
  We need to keep upgrading & changing our wardrobe & skincare essentials with seasonal changes, as
Miss world holds very prestigious title & the pageant is recognised worldwide in beauty, every year young,
These days running successful business/work is very tough, But with right idea, knowledge & skills you can
Gifts are form of surprises that makes us instantly cheerful & receiving what we love just adds the bonus,
A positive mind leads to a successful life!   Positivity is highly needed these days to have a peaceful