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 Zayn Malik to drop most of his new songs after Gigi moves on with the bad boy Lewis Hamilton !

Apr 03 18, at 10:39 am
Reading time: 3 mins

When we hear Zayn Malik, we wait to hear another name & that's Gigi Hadid. Well, it's because they go so much hand in hand that it's almost impossible to not visualize them together ! The very striking couple has been a hot favorite topic for almost everyone for the past couple of years. The intense chemistry that couple shared was something out of this world.

The sad news although is that as we all know, ZiGi is no more a thing since Zayn Malik & his supermodel ex Gigi Hadid called it off saying, "It was a mutual decision" after 2 years of a blissful relationship ! Both of them posted a message that said that they still had immense respect for each other & that they'd want the best for each other. Yet the split will still remain a tragic news for all the ZiGi fans & let's be honest, they were adorable together ! Sad it didn't work out.

Well, as much as the fans are devastated & completely shattered by the news of the ZiGi split, Zayn Malik doesn't seem to be very happy either ! We all know how much of a dedicated singer Zayn Malik is & his love for his work is exceptional. Yet, somehow the breakup seems to have affected him terribly as he is planning on ditching most of the songs that are included in his upcoming album ! How agonizing is that???

 Well, the reason behind this decision is that he was completely head over heels in love with Gigi Hadid when he made the album which is why most of his songs were love songs. Now that they have broken up, Zayn is completely heartbroken although the twitter message says that it was a mutual decision. Moreover, it seems like Zayn wants to direct his break up into an inspiration & now wants to write the songs about the split in order to process his emotions.

As a matter of fact, it took 18 months for Zayn to complete his new album & it's painful to see Zayn go through all this alone. The fans have been waiting desperately for his new music & it's a huge sorrow for the fans as well ! Not to mention the craze of all those comments that goes on his social media accounts ! Talking about Gigi, she already seems to have moved on & her latest love interest seems like a bad boy ! I'm talking about none other than Lewis Hamilton ! Rumors say that the race car driver is responsible behind this gorgeous couple's separation. Yes guys, as sad as it might sound, Gigi seems to be completely over Zayn Malik but her Instagram accounts says otherwise. She still follows Zayn while Zayn clearly does not. She liked a couple of his posts after the break up as well and Zayn's family is still in touch with Gigi. How confusing?!

Gigi has been very vague lately regarding her love interests while Zayn has been working hard on his music because after all music is kind of his savior ! Lewis is known to be a player as his dating history is no good but Gigi is still a young girl & if she wants to make rough choices then be it. Having said that, it'd be a complete delight to watch the couple reunite & make ZIGI a thing again, but let's face it; reality suggests completely otherwise !

Regardless of everything, what Zayn needs right now is intense love & support from his diehard fans from all over the world & we know for a fact that his fans never seem to disappoint him so let's hope for the best & encourage Zayn in finishing up his new album ASAP !