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5 Most Trending Sarees for an Elegant Look

Oct 27 21, at 11:51 am
Reading time: 3 mins

Two things that confuse the women the most are: what to cook/eat and what to wear? If it’s a formal occasion and you need do formal clothing, a saree can never go wrong. Sarees are a flattering dress for practically all Asian ladies. It has been popular for ages and never loses its charm. Nonetheless, in the scorching weather of the subcontinent, the simplicity of this dress code makes total sense. Sarees are worn more formally in Pakistan and look ideal for weddings. Modern saree silhouettes are better suited to tall and slender-framed women. However, if carried properly, they have a unique charm. You can recreate them for a sibling’s wedding, best friend’s or a cousin’s.

Sarees are the safest and best choice for any woman who wants to make a statement with little effort. Sarees, like an eastern dress, come in a wide range of styles, ranging from fabric to pattern to how they are arranged. Because of how elegant and timeless it looks, a saree can be worn by any woman regardless of her age, event, or marital status.

Here are some of the beautiful sarees that you can get from any designer saree online in Pakistan; continue to read more about the ways you can carry them decently and classically.

Cool Floral Saree

Floral printed sarees always look stunning and give a cool look. They go excellently well in the summer season, especially because all flowery prints are appropriate for the spring and summer seasons. They are considered casual attire, yet they are sufficient to create a fashion statement while also making women feel feminine and attractive.

Chiffon Embellished Saree

In Pakistan, chiffon is the most used fabric for sarees as it can withstand the weight of the lightest to the heaviest decorations and embellishments. They are the most comfortable to wear since they drape elegantly and complement the shape of the body. Not just it; they can be dyed in any color, so it meets everyone’s taste and can be designed in any way they choose. They give the most beautiful formal clothing look for any event.

Unpatterned Solid Colored Saree

Unpatterned solid-colored sarees exude ease and make a statement on their own. They are usually composed of various fabrics, and all they need is a monochrome saree draped all over to complete the look. The best thing about solid-colored sarees is that they can be styled in a choice of ways and accessorized with a variety of accessories. It provides a lot of flexibility in terms of styling and you can use the same saree to create different looks.

Casual Dapper Saree

This is a unique and entertaining way to wear a saree. You can style it anyway and add fun and quirky styling elements like a denim jacket, sneakers, or waist belt, etc. In terms of design, these sarees are not standardized; you can employ a variety of prints to create them. Their final styling makes them perfect casual wear. So be it a small gathering of friends or a photoshoot day, you can carry this saree with a simple tee or whatever suits you.

Rich Banarsi Saree

Because of the intricacy and workmanship needed in creating the final product, Banarsi sarees are particularly special and perhaps the most expensive. They can never go out of style and are popular among saree enthusiasts. Either you are a grandmother or an unmarried girl; a banarsi saree will give you the smartest and most elegant looks. They are typically created with a strong border, finely crafted pallu, and solid-colored fabric, and are distinguished by their gold embellishments. They are the most searched and found while searching for designer saree online in Pakistan.


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