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A brown Girls Guide - To Society!

Feb 10 18, at 16:08 pm
Reading time: 2 mins

A negotiation for a socially accepted deal was about to begin . To be
precise, a meeting was set for my arrange marriage.

 We sat facing each other. 
We shook hand and by implied common courtesy we made eye

I heard my mom’s coughing and oh, I just realized my lesson taught at
an early age,
“Girls from good family don’t do that”.

Remember the first time we met?
oh! I did well because I just happened to come from a place about
which no one cared and I know, no one would ever care. I came from my
final tournament, so I was in my shorts and tee.
You scrutinize me, beginning from my toe going up cell by cell, tissue
by tissue, I could feel my freedom being ripped off with the size of
my clothes.
I took my scarf out and covered my face…
Because oh! a ”Girl from good family don’t wear that".

I remember the first boyfriend of mine.
Because we were out on an adventurous date , but I was in pain.
I said the reason. He looked at me.
He laughed and said we don’t want
to hear about vagina bleeding.

I smell misogyny, but oh wait, I was wrong,
Because "girl from good family don’t say that".

As me and my friends sat at our usual cafe,
I over-heard a group from back passing humorous jokes which had words
including “breasts” ,which is supposed to be a slang.
All of them laughed,
and when I gave them a long gaze, they all stared at me with shame in their eyes.
Because, oh! a "Girl from good family don’t hear stuff like that".

Girls from a good family don’t show their cleavage, or else she is a hoe,
If she is pretty, she is a slut
Brains are secondary, Butt is primary,
If she is silent, she is weak, if she is out-spoken, she is a Bitch.

Thank you to the men, I have in my life, because I know they are a few
 I don’t have rights to have many, or else they will think I am
penetrable with all, as an old shoe.
Because oh well, a "Girl from a good family don’t talk to guys much",
But they do have to marry a one, and have sex whenever he wants.
She doesn’t have a right to complain. Actually she is supposed not to,
because then it would be call then a marital rape.

And oh wait!
“A Girl from good family don’t say that”.

Don't stop her. Let her go, believe her.