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A Clean Dog is a Healthy Dog- Care Tips

Feb 02 21, at 11:31 am
Reading time: 3 mins

Who would want a dirty dog? Especially when you have children at home who likes to play with dogs, practicing a good hygiene they say takes a lot of practices. Keeping a dog clean actually will need a regular pattern of practice that one must follow for a long period of time, as most of the cleaning that a dog needs will be done by the owner. Humans and dogs have a quite different ideas of what counts as dirty and what’s not, while most dogs will not be offended by the smell of their canines friends, humans find it very irritating, muddy paws on the living room carpet is totally out of it, apart from the discomfort one get from having dirty dog around, dogs are also a carrier of some deadly disease, you don’t want to have dog fleas and tick all over your house, so there is a need that you keep your dog clean and healthy for your family to enjoy good health too. 

Tips to keep your dog clean

Daily Brushes: Most dogs love being brushed and this increase the bond between you and your dog. Brushing your dog shouldn’t take more than five minute so don’t beat yourself up about how much time you will spend doing that, instead think of the advantage of brushing your dog. Brushing your dog can help to keep bacteria and debris from matting and also helps check the skin for any health problem; during this process loose furs are removed too. It is advisable that you brush your dog outside to avoid clean up later.

Wash the Bed: Unwanted odor, building up of bacteria that can potentially spread on to your dog can all be taken care of if you wash your dog bed regularly. Also wash with a nice smelling shampoo to chase the bad odor away.

Diet: Caring for your dog's nutritional needs will promote a healthy digestion system as this takes care of the smell from inside out and also fix any gastrointestinal problem.

Oral Hygiene: This is the part that is often overlooked by some dog owners. Dogs have the tendency to be infected with plaque and gum disease just like humans, so it’s important you take care of your dog's teeth. There are many ways we can fix these plaque and gum disease problem, by providing your dog with the Doggy dental bone, drinking water additive and brushing the dog's teeth regularly as this is a powerful tool to help fight the plaque buildup. Also you can read online reviews that will help you know much about it.

Conclusion: Dogs are fun to be with, they are human-friendly and should be treated well, a clean dog is a healthy one, and nobody wants a dirty dog. If you want a healthy home with a dog in it, you have to keep the dog clean, a clean dog is a healthy dog and a healthy dog is a happy one.