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A Lost Boy's Journey - An Idle Start to Life.

May 03 18, at 06:00 am
Reading time: 3 mins
I am great at expressing myself so i choose writing, as people don't find me much interactive or charming so thought trying my hands on writing maybe people will at-least start liking my writing skills...:P  
This is a my first blog and would dedicate this blog to the only friend of mine you motivated me to publish my writing. Thanks Kiara ( Name Changed ) for being my backbone when i needed the most. The blogs will be in continuation as i dont have many topics to write about but certainly have a story which revolves around a guy named Pratyush. So i hope you guys stay connected and enjoy reading my writings.
Pratyush, a kid with the amount of cuteness one should have and a perfectly jaw line ( this is what his girlfriend said ). Being from a family in which all the members are either doctor or pursuing doctorate he had his own dreams about his life. The story revolves around his mistakes he did in his life but in the end life taught him many things from which he learned few and ignored many.
image source : https://www.google.co.in/search?q=mistakes+quotes&rlz=1C1CHBF_enIN765IN765&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwic1IqL6-jaAhUJTY8KHaaFD78Q_AUoAXoECAAQAw&biw=1366&bih=637#imgrc=2rIB7BfEe-22dM:
It all begun when he was 4. the first interview of his life. The school interview.
His dad waited for 2 weeks in a cue just to get him enrolled in the best school in the town and as we say god favors the brave, his turn came. The interview started with identifying the colors and shapes. As always he rocked it and than came the personal interview were the  PRINCIPAL ( Termed as FATHER in the Convent Schools ) had to take his and his parent's interview.
The interview went well and he got the admission in that school but the thing that happened before he left the Principal's office was hilarious and some what adorable. The Principal gave him 1 chocolate and pulled his cheek but than he asked for the second one, the Principal was amazed and so was his parents. His parents tired to convince him that 1 is enough for him as the size of the chocolate for good but than Pratyush said " I have one for myself and the second one will be for my cousin sister as she loves this chocolate". He stayed in the joined family and had one elder cousin sister who was his 1st playmate and a friend.
After hearing this the Principle gave him scholarship for a year and didnt took a single penny for the fees. The schooling days were good. He used to finish his work early and than roam around in the class and make other students play. The teacher scolded him a lot and than started to give him extra work. If the class was asked to write 1 to 10 two times than the teacher would tell Pratyush to write 5 times.
The life was good. Due to his fair skin color ( i am not a racist :P ) he was often asked to become a female character whether it is for dance, drama or even a race. Yes he was in all boys school :P  
These were the initial days of Pratyush's life stay connected as the next blog will reveal the first set back of his life. 

A Lost Boy

I am an ambivert guy, trying my hands on writing just because it give power ot my thoughts and keeps me away from the negative vibes.

Aug 24 2023


Your writing style continues to be engaging, and your narrative flows smoothly. The anticipation you've built up about the upcoming setback in Pratyush's life keeps the readers intrigued and eager to know more about his journey.
Oct 30 2019

International Medical Journal

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