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All About Influencer Marketing - 2018 

Feb 02 18, at 12:05 pm
Reading time: 2 mins

Influence is power, having an influence on a wide audience lets you connect, motivate, inspire, learn, earn and much more.

Influencer marketing started trending in 2017 and is sure to go miles ahead in 2018 as well, these days people are curious to learn and explore more things instead of just sitting and watching boring serials on TV, gradually people are learning more through Youtube videos, Instagram and Pinterest. These days for the younger generation, waking up and checking Instagram is their priority instead of reading newspaper, every day the usage toll of social media is increasing and so, here comes the rising action of influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is simply marketing through people having a wider reach of audience, great content on media feed and engagement, it can be on any popular social media channels like - youtube, Instagram or Facebook. Marketing is the most important aspect when it comes to business or any new product launch, these days people are smarter and they don’t blindly follow everything as seen on celebs or over the advertisement instead they follow real people who are basically social media influencers, bloggers, reviewers, experts. Influencer marketing is raging huge and has already reached more than 5 million audience reach and the engagement you receive for a specific brand/product is splendidly over the board, this is the reason these days PR/brand managers are seeking out influencer marketing for better and content generated results!

Influencer marketing is rapidly making its successful way in the Indian industry and influencers are invited to almost every events, previews, launch, happenings taking place in and around the city. For places like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chandigarh, every day multiple events take place and right from the invitation, cab facility to food, hamper and compensation, it is either paid/benefited accordingly. Top influencers generally agree for a paid deal ranging from 50,000 – 1lakh per post for a specific brand. These days bloggers are oh-so-popular and so, they are targeted by big brands and companies for various deals and paid campaigns.

With the year 2018 there is high possibility that influencers will rule over the social media charts in their field of interest, they are likely to create authentic buzz-worthy content for brands, the influencer platforms will grow and go beyond the regular ones like Instagram and youtube and engagement is likely to go over the board with continuity in posting and using right tools such as proper hashtag, content for campaigns and editorial shoot for famous brands and publications.

The last thing which I can say is it is only going to get bigger and better in each and every way! Let’s see where the influencers tend to reach in 2018 through their potential work and where the digital and influencer marketing reaches along its way.

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Insightful guide to influencer marketing trends in 2018, showcasing its power in shaping brand landscapes through authentic connections.