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Gain the Veeam VMCE Certification

Jun 08 20, at 10:17 am
Reading time: 5 mins
The Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE) is a two-day technical course for both professional services consultants and system administrators. The program covers Veeam Availability Suite design and optimization and is based on best practices from Veeam solutions architects.
This VMCE certification is an attractive investment for IT professionals looking to increase productivity, reduce operating costs, and improve the potential for personal career advancement and gain recognition from employers and customers.
The VMCE certification is documented evidence that an administer, or engineer has the required level of expertise to protect an organization’s data with Veeam Availability Suite.

Who should attend?

  • System engineers
  • Backup administrators
  • Presales /post-sales /solution architects from IT integrators.
They are generally speaking any IT specialist keen to become an industry-recognized expert over Veeam software solutions.


  • Have robust virtualization, backup, and recovery knowledge base.
  • Recommendation to have followed the online free technical education path on Veeam University or Veeam Pro partner for Veeam resellers.

Key Concepts of Veeam VMCE Certification

Within the Veeam Availability Suite and other Veeam products, several key concepts are discussed. Veeam has come up with five key components that provide an overview of all of its products, explained below:
  • High-Speed Recovery: Speedy recovery of your applications, VMs, and files. Backed by several Veeam technologies such as Instant VM Recovery, Instant File: Level Recovery and the Veeam Explorers (Exchange, Active Directory, SharePoint, Oracle, SQL, and Storage Snapshots)
  • Data Loss Avoidance: Near constant protection and streamlined recovery processes in the event of a disaster. Backed by-products and technology such as Veeam Cloud Connect, Essential tape support, Quick Backup, Scale-Out Backup Repositories, Guest Interaction Proxies, Deduplicating storage integrations, alternate from storage snapshots, and Built-In WAN accelerations.
  • Verified Recoverability: Guaranteed recovery of your data. Backed by technologies like SureBackup and SureReplica
  • Leveraged Data: Implement a production-like environment to leverage backup data to its fullest potential. Backed by technologies such as Virtual Lab.
  • Complete Visibility: Proactive monitoring for your virtualized and backup environment.
    • It is supported by technology such as Veeam ONE, Standalone Console, Veeam Enterprise Manager, and vCloud Director Support.
    • Aside from the Veeam created concepts, there are a couple of other essential items, and its best to know how Veeam defines them.
  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO): The amount of time within which a system must be recovered after an outage.
  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO): The point in time to which a systems data must be obtained after an outage.
  • Recover Time Point Objective (RTPO): Veeam’s definition of how they can provide both a low RTO and a low RPO at the same time.

VMCE Exam Preparation Guidelines

For many individuals, exam time will be the most stressful component in the school year. With a lot riding on the outcome, there is usually a high degree of pressure to carry out effectively.
Right here are some VMCE exam preparation tricks to aid you excel:

Receiving Started

The earlier you begin, a lot more time you may have to prepare for the VMCE exam. You do not need to wait until exam time approaches; make an effort to set the stage at the beginning of the course by reviewing the material after every class. By starting early and studying frequently, you will have a better opportunity to absorb the info, and life will be a lot simpler when it is time for you to place it all together for the VMCE exam.
Please make sure all of your course material is nicely organized, so it is possible to find and fill any gaps. The appropriate organization will help you get a much better picture of the content which has to be covered and boost the flow from the study process.

Generating a Study Strategy

As the VMCE exam nears, you will create a program to help you study efficiently and decrease stress. The first step is to find out just how much time and work you commit to studying for the VMCE exam.
To prepare the study strategy, map out all the material which has to be covered and make a schedule showing what, when, how much you are going to study every day. In the event you have kept up with the course function, studying will require revision in the material that you have currently covered. In case you are behind in the VMCE course, you may need to finish the readings along with other uncompleted operate just before starting the revision.
Right here are some tricks to comply with generating your study strategy:
  • Spending budget your time realistically;
  • Allocate the study time into several manageable study sessions;
  • Divide the course material into small parts and assign them to the study sessions;
  • Set clear and specific objectives for the study sessions;
  • Prioritize to make sure that material weighted much more heavily inside the exam gets sufficient study time;
  • Take into account your experience using the material along with the difficulty level;
  • Do not make the study sessions also long;
  • Study sessions need to have sufficient assortment in terms of subjects and projects to prevent boredom and loss of effectiveness;
  • Stay away from cramming ahead of the VMCE exam; and
  • Never forget to contain regular breaks.

Studying for the VMCE Exam

You are now armed using a strategy and able to start studying for the exam. Attempt to study in a place where you can concentrate and would not be interrupted. You can operate with other individuals or join a study group if you find it beneficial, but be careful to keep it from changing into an inefficient use of your time. Some confirmed study tools and methods are listed below - individuals respond to distinct studying designs, so use what performs for you.

Practicing Below VMCE Exam Circumstances

Understanding the course material is essential but not adequate to assure achievement on the exam. You also require to be able to communicate the answers successfully beneath exam situations. Practice employing sample concerns in the identical format as the VMCE exam and answer them in a simulated test environment. Even though you might be only practicing, it truly is far better to write full answers for the questions so that you can perform through the entire decision procedure.
The practice session requires to work as a feedback loop. Verify the answers to the VMCE practice questions to diagnose your strengths and weaknesses. If you are weak in a region, go back and study it additional to address any gaps.

Natasha Sharma

Highly experienced in Cloud and Computing with a strong marketing and sales background.