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Hi-Tea!! (Ladies tea-time gossip)

Jan 09 18, at 16:04 pm
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An evening with some tea and snacks with family and friends.. oh! Wait.. by family and friends I mean the ladies of the house and their friends. And Me, as a Daughter-in-law of the house need to make a perfect tea and serve with snacks. The gossips are on and I am listening and waiting for the tea to brew.

Then I hear one of the lady saying that her mother has got the best Bahu in the whole extended family and there is no one like her in their family. Being curious to know who’s a best Bahu I try to provocate her to tell me how is she a best bahu. So the lady tells me that the so called Best Bahu is always in the kitchen cooking and making everyone happy by standing up to their expectations. She never gives her opinion and does as she is told by her mother-in-law. She never dis-respects anyone even though people are rude to her. Her complete life is just revolved around the kitchen and she is very innocent and shy. She never demands for any clothes or jewelry or any other thing. She always compromises and stays at home. She never goes to malls or movies and blah..blah!!

Then someone cuts the topic and we flow into another mode of the year’s most awaited wedding “Viruksha” (Virat-Anushka). Now the topic is that the newly wed bride will compromise her career and she will be busy with her married life. And shockingly they also add that since Virat is such a famous cricketer she will become more famous by being his wife and her career will face a downturn. Another lady adds in by telling another new topic that how she buys her sanitary napkins secretly. And doesn’t show up when they are billing it since she is ashamed that the shopkeeper will get to know she has chums. These are a series of topics that are going on and I see my year and a half daughter and imagine what will happen to her if she is among all these thinking.

I was actually not able to digest things standing there and just walked out from there. You call it feminism or being rude or whatever.. but folks.. Seriously ?? Are we giving this piece if information to our next generation.

Folks, this is the time we wake up and do something constructive and positive instead of lazing around and serving teas for such gossips. Our kids grow up seeing us and we need to stand as an example for them. Let us make an effort and try to change the scenario in our families since every bit counts.




Praneeta Mittal

a beautiful blend of a writer, a HR professional, a witty mother and a homemaker!!

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Apr 03 2020

Bernard Koh

I miss high tea .... hope to be able to meet with my friends from Penrose Condo soon.