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Importance of faculty at the top b school

Dec 26 17, at 14:57 pm
Reading time: 3 mins

So you have decided to pursue your post-graduation in management and you are looking for a top b school that can open a wide spectrum of opportunities for you to shape your career in the best manner possible. Well, in a country like India, a management degree does promise superior career and excellent pay scales along with reputation and respect. However, it solely depends on a school you choose for your MBA programme.

A wide list of management colleges will surely blow your mind as finding a college that passes all the necessary parameters with flying colors is rare and you have to ensure that you take time in choosing the top b school where you can explore your skills and become a master at the craft.

There are many parameters come to play when it comes to finding a right business school like placement records, excellent infrastructure, availability of library and other resources, collaborations with different management organizations and many more. However, one thing that you have to consider seriously is quality of faculty members teaching at the b school and let me tell you, it is not something that you can ignore.

Why quality and skilled faculty member’s availability is a deciding parameter when it comes to choosing a top b school? Here, we have discussed some of the reasons why expertise of faculty members makes future managers ready to serve the world.

MBA teachers are not just teachers, they are actually managers

Yes, you heard it right. In a management classrooms, you cannot expect just mere teachers who complete syllabus and give theoretical lectures, their responsibilities are much more than that. They are training future managers and for that, they need to be good managers themselves. Teachers at a top b school should have real and practical managerial experience that they can leverage in the classrooms. It is something that will enrich students to a great level. Teaching with real-time incidents and case studies, they will rip micro level problem-solving skills in the students that will stay with them for a longer period of time.

Personal attention to each student to know his strength and weaknesses

Alike normal schools, faculty members need to play a role of mentors rather than teachers in b schools too. Evaluating and monitoring students on a personal level will surely benefit students in a long run and it will also help them in choosing a right curriculum. Students will get to know their strengths and weaknesses and focus more on them to become best managers and administrators.

Teaching is not just a job, it's a responsibility

In b schools, when it comes to studies, there is no fixed formula. Faculty members help students to think out of the box to come up with new solutions to problems and for that, they have to become students. Every day, new managerial and business concepts and ideas evolve and teachers should be able to practice them in the classrooms with real-time cases and experiences. An ideal top b school faculty member should be a student at heart to become an efficient teacher.

Transcending knowledge through teaching

Faculty members have years of experience and expertise in theoretical and practical management aspects and this precious knowledge is transcended to students. Take any top b school in India and you will come to know that they take superlative precaution while recruiting their faculties as they are the actual mentors who shape the careers of management students. Hence, ensure that the b school you choose has a team of faculty members who are good at transcending knowledge.

Academic qualifications are important, but it is not everything:

When it comes to management faculty, evaluating teachers on the basis of their academic qualifications is not advisable. Instead of it, always emphasize on their practical experience on the field as it will make a huge difference in designing the perspective of the faculties.

Remember, faculty members are the ones who will instill wisdom in you and hence, when you are selecting the top b school, don’t forget to ensure that the faculty members there possess sheer expertise and experience in their respective domains. It is they who will make you real managers. 


Arpin Gajjar