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Oct 05 17, at 08:32 am
Reading time: 2 mins

Money, currency, note and many more, all means the same by which one can survive smoothly. Money give birth to pride in humans. Because of this pride they take themselves to such a height where they don’t even care about other beings, society and not even their country. Animals, birds, insects are free from this pride of note. But we as a human have become a slave to money and for that we are ready to do anyone bad and if required snatch the life too. Some people are good who give more importance to god rather than money, they don’t do bad to others or nor they kill anyone for that.

As dedication to them I have written a poem on the same.

Hope you all Like it.


Once upon a time a goat,

Found a note,

She decided to buy a coat,

So, she went to a shop.

The shopkeeper said: No Coat;

For goat.

The goat went to another shop,

But there also, same answer, she got.

Now the goat realized that,

There is no shop,

Which can give her coat?

She threw that note,

Which sailed on a boat.

So it’s clear that,

Money doesn’t matters for any birds, dogs or goat.

It is only the humans,

Who live for the note.

-- Rishu Nish..