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Reading books - stepping into magical world & getting smarter

Nov 23 17, at 18:03 pm
Reading time: 2 mins

Great leaders are always readers!

Books can be your best friend, as people these days are selfish & they will only accompany when they need you, instead keep books close to your heart. They can really help you in gaining knowledge, improving your reading skills, expanding your vocabulary & most important it takes you to a whole different imagination world, where you read & enter a magical story life & totally feel everything as if you are part of it. Indeed, it’s a wonderful thing isn’t it?

Although some people do not like reading books & feel it boring, but they are misguided or maybe they wouldn’t have stumbled upon really interesting ones till date! As even movies are based on books & they tend to be hit, books are one of the best things & can totally mould you up as an individual.

With internet era, we are only blinded by photoshop, a whole lot of editing, fake things going viral over the web & so, we are left with only believing & comparing ourselves to them, but we don’t know about the reality behind the net. Some people are really taken so much by social media that they have high anxiety level & they feel low all the time due to it, why thou? The reason is they are crazily driven into it & they don’t know what else to do apart from internet, if only they could read books or do some soulful activity everything can be better & they would be happy.

Reading books can be really resourceful, as you get to know about a lot of things & your vision will be greater. The story & experiences written in the book really makes the reader believe as if they are in the story & can feel everything. Students should be made to read different story & general knowledge books apart from study related text books, teenagers should be made to read magazines as they offer great content on wide range of topics so, it can make you smart & can help you know about the hip & happening & current affairs.

Also, in winter the cosy way to snuggle up in bed is to have a hot coffee/tea in one hand & a good book in other isn’t it?

Indeed, It is the best kind of feeling. Choose any fiction, non-fiction, romantic, thriller, mystery, knowledge, poetry book & indulge yourself in some good & quality reading time.

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Have a great winter time reading!


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