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Shirodhara: a major component of balance included in the Panchakarma

Feb 12 18, at 08:25 am
Reading time: 3 mins

Shirodhara is one of the profoundly known external ayurvedic therapy existing in Kerala. The word Shirodhara means Shira+Dhara where the former word means head and the latter word means stream. It deals with the pouring of medicated herbal oil onto the forehead of the person as the name of the therapy signifies. Other than the medicated oil, buttermilk, medicated milk and water is also used for the therapy. The whole Ayurveda Treatment is known to be benefitting the nervous system of the body which is the biggest benefit of the therapy. The oil oscillates and falls onto the forehead of the person for a time duration of 30 - 45 minutes. Kerala is considered the best for the treatment of Shirodhara as the various ayurvedic centres provide the best therapy to the people with the oil that is processed and made from the herbs growing in the place.

How the treatment is done at the centres.

The person is made to lie down straight on the massage table with loose and lights clothes on. Once the person feels relaxed, the lukewarm oil is let down on the forehead which continues for a duration of 30-45 minutes. The head is lightly massaged by expert masseurs who concentrate on the vital marma points on the head. It is adviced that the therapy is taken for 7-14 days which provides maximum benefits to the people which is why the centres in Kerala insist continuous presence for therapy.


Benefits of Shirodhara.

1. The people struggling with insomnia can attain total peace through taking a treatment of Shirodhara for 7 to 15 days. It tones the vital points on the head and helps to provide relaxation to the body and mind by syncing sleep pattern. The therapy helps produce melatonin that helps in sleeping.

2. Hypertension is one of the main factors that cause stress in the people. This can easily be removed from the body system

3. It also helps in reducing hair loss as, during the treatment, the herbal oil slides into the hair and moisturizes it, making the regrowth of hair faster. The nourishment of the scalp helps in removing dandruff as well. The problem like early greying of the hair can also be reduced through Shirodhara.

4: The people who have to constantly travel are often troubled by jet lag. This trouble can be reduced through the therapy where the people are advised to carry the herbal oil from Kerala to the place of visit and continue doing Shirodhara on a daily basis.

5. It improves the level of concentration one has as the oil oscillates in concentrated form. This in turn also help in reducing the problems like amnesia and other memory problems and improves the decisive level of the person as the fear and stress in them is usually low.

6. The immunity system of the body is benefitted through Shirodhara as a balance between the mind and the body is maintained of remaining healthy and fit. 


Things to be taken care of.

Ayurveda particularly has no side effects for the body but immense care should be taken that during the therapy, the oil does not slide into the eyes or nose of the person. It is always advised to get the therapy done from an authorized ayurvedic center as the therapists are skilled in what they do and get it done perfectly on the people, which is what makes Kerala famous for Ayurveda.

A number of other common benefits also reaches the human body on undergoing several sessions of Shirodhara. This quality remains in all the ayurvedic therapies where added benefits reach the people where the skin feels more rejuvenated and soft. The problems relating to ageing can also be tackled through it as overthinking and other stressful activities in the body naturally reduce. It is always better to reside to ayurvedic treatments at any time as it gives a holistic approach to the body, helping in feeling energized and rejuvenated.


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