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Signs That Indicates That Someone is under the Influence of Drugs.

Apr 12 22, at 10:23 am
Reading time: 2 mins

The use of drugs can have negative effects on people from all walks of life. From professional to personal life, substance abuse can ruin both aspects of your life. There are many ways we can determine whether or not someone is indulged in substance abuse. One of the most popular ways to figure it out is the professional substance abuse evaluation. But unfortunately, some media representations have painted a number of caricatures of how an individual behaves or acts when he or she is suffering from substance.

Many times, people fail to acknowledge that they have been going through a problem. Generally, people around them such as friends and family members are the first ones to notice these changes.

Here are some of the most common signs that you can see in an individual when he or she has been abusing substances.

Changes In Overall Appearance

Long-term use of drugs can result in dramatic changes in the physical appearance of a person. Drug addicts start losing weight because certain substances come with appetite suppressing properties. Sudden weight gain can also be a sign that a person is under the influence of drugs.


If you find any of the following equipment in the room of an individual whom you think is under drug influence, it will be obvious that your suspicion was right. Take a look.

Cigarette wrapping papers

Cut-up straws

Razor blades


Rolled up Banknotes


Cutting surfaces like mirrors or glass

Other tell-tale signs include a noticeable lack of interest in personal grooming, especially if it declines without explanation.

Not all drugs require anything to use, but you might see other things that are potential signs of drug misuse: for example, medicine bottles from more than one doctor.

Mood Swings

When heavy doses of substances are taken in excessive amounts, an individual's ability for managing the emotional input gets impaired.  This is something that can turn out to be a sudden misery, irritation, or even anger in those situations when they could easily previously manage to handle their moods.

Reclusive Behavior

When taking drugs, the tendency is to separate oneself from others and become introverted, which is one of the reasons that many people in recovery form support groups.

Talking about the reclusive behaviors, which point to hiding an addiction are as follows –

The habit of spending extended periods in their room.

Behaving strange and start shutting down when they are asked questions even from the people they generally trust.

And the list goes on.

So these were some of the signs that indicate a person is under the influence of drugs. If this does not help, you need to get the suspected person to undergo an DOT SAP evaluation test near your place or wherever it’s convenient for you.

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