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UnlimitedToGo Unlimited Wireless Internet

Dec 06 21, at 13:09 pm
Reading time: 5 mins

UnlimitedToGo might not be an unrecognized service provider for rural areas. It's one of the few internet service providers that offer unlimited wireless internet for people who live in rural areas. It's a virtual mobile network operator, which has formed partnerships with mobile operators such as Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. Their 4G LTE service is advertised as unlimited and has a fast speed, ideal to use at home or home while traveling.

It's a fantastic option for always in motion and needs a reliable internet connection. People who consume a significant amount of time in remote regions can choose the UnlimitedToGo internet as it provides pretty good coverage.

It is time to conduct an in-depth look into the UnlimitedToGo services and their customers' benefits. It is an effective method to assist people in making an informed decision before signing up for any service. On that note, we'll discuss the specifics of UnlimitedToGo's UnlimitedToGo products, pricing, and customer support, among other aspects.

Pricing and packages

There are three plans available from UnlimitedToGo to customers to pick from, which best suits their requirements. The availability of internet plans will be contingent upon the service provider with the most coverage in the area you live in. 

Additionally, the speed of the internet depends

 on the strength of the signal. And the coverage available in your region. But, for LTE or 4G connection, you must expect 20-50 Mbps of internet speeds, and even higher in the event of luck. Below are internet plan options offered by UnlimitedToGo;

UnlimitedToGo Blue Plan

It is the most affordable plan you can get from UnlimitedToGo. The cost you must pay will be $99.99 per month. AT&T is the one offering the service. Don't be smug and assume the plan is accessible everywhere. Its availability is not constant, and that's why it is recommended to go to the website or call UnlimitedToGo for more information. It also includes a MOFI4500 SIM4P router that allows users to choose.

UnlimitedToGo Pink Plan

The program that you are looking at is services from T-Mobile. If you can get excellent coverage with T-Mobile and you're on the right track, you're fortunate because you have come across a suitable plan for your internet requirements. 

The typical Pink plans are more costly than blue ones, and to avail of it, you will need to pull $149.99 from your pocket each month. However, if you're fortunate enough, you could get the Pink plan for a lower price of $139.99 each month.

Furthermore, the plan gives users the ability to buy their own devices for the internet provided it is compatible. If you do, you'll need an internet-connected router that is compatible and a data-only SIM card to gain access online. There is additionally the choice of using the MOFI4500 SIM4P LTE router from the company. MOFI4500 SIM4P LTE router by the company.

UnlimitedToGo Red Plan

As previously mentioned, internet plans are accessible based on the carrier's coverage within the region. Thus, you can choose the Red plan is designed for customers with the highest coverage offered by Verizon. 

If you're on a remarkably tight budget, you may need to look at other options since it is the highest-priced alternative available from UnlimitedToGo. It's $199.99 per month. However, just like the previous plan, you can purchase it for less and end up paying $179.99. 

There are several recommended equipment to use this service, including the MOFI4500 SIM4P LTE router, the NETGEAR AC791L mobile hotspot, and Novatel 7730L mobile hotspot. Novatel the 7730L wireless hotspot. You can pick any one of them depending on your requirements and preferences.

How is the performance of the network?

UnlimitedToGo will make users aware that they cannot promise or guarantee specific speeds. This is typical of four-way or LTE services as they don't possess their network. They are reliant on the infrastructure of other mobile operators, which is one of the reasons why they cannot guarantee excellent internet speeds or uninterrupted service. 

UnlimitedToGo has agreements signed with Verizon, A&T, and T-Mobile to allow them to use unneeded services from these mobile carriers' cell towers. As a result, they can provide internet services.

There are benefits and drawbacks to using the towers on cell phones of these mobile operators. 

The primary benefit lies in that T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon provide excellent coverage throughout the nation, and you are certain of having a good internet connection. However, there is a significant drawback, known as Deprioritization. Suppose there is congestion on one of the towers that the company will give their customers priority, while UnlimitedToGo customers are left in the dust. UnlimitedToGo users are left to deal with slow connection speeds and poor connectivity.

There is also a reasonable policy on how customers can benefit from their UnlimitedToGo services. As an UnlimitedToGo customer, you will be required to ensure that your online activities don't cause excessive data usage, which could negatively affect other users or the service itself. 

If you do not comply with the policy, you'll be sent a warning message, and then the account you have created will be removed from priority. You already know what this means. The speed of your internet will be slowed, and you'll be you will be left with a slow internet connection. We aren't sure what constitutes excessive use as there isn't any information given. However, be careful and make sure you don't cause a fuss with much data.

Equipment and costs

Your router and modem

You can pick between the router and mobile hotspot for use along with UnlimitedToGo. UnlimitedToGo internet. Mobile hotspots are ideal for individuals who frequently travel or are prone to spending time in remote locations, particularly RVers. It is a mobile device that can utilize anywhere with good coverage. You can make use of it with a battery charge of up to 24hrs or when connected to a power outlet.

However, the router is more fixed and can only be used when connected to power outlets. It requires a continuous supply of power to function. If you're in a location that isn't powered, it is not connected to the internet.

Here is a brief list of recommended devices;

MOFI4500 LTE SIM4P router

It is a mobile hotspot usually available as part of the Red Plan. It can provide internet access to devices 24 hours a day without plugging into the power source. This is among the many functions and other features that include:

  • USB Type C connectivity to allow super-fast charging
  • A touchscreen with a color LCD
  • Micro-USB port to make charging easy
  • The hotspot lets users establish a separate guest Wi-Fi network for security reasons.
  • Up to fifteen devices to the hotspot. Supports up to 15 connected devices on the