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Voyageur - Around the World says Hi!

Jan 28 18, at 12:42 pm
Reading time: 2 mins
Travelling to the different parts have just been the new fad now a days.
I am stuck in that fad too, but I am just a little more.

So, I recently visited "Nathdwara" in Rajasthan.
For all those who don't know about this place, it's where our God "Shree nathji" resides. This is a very famous pancha Dwaraka temple. Situated in a non-descript, extremely congested town. 90% of visitors are vaishnava.

The unusuality of the pilgrimage is that, the doors are not even kept open for straight one hour. They open for half an hour when all hell breaks loose. But, that is not so unusual for any shree nath ji temple.
People rush to the doors pushing 500s of people to get the one sight of idol. And that to not even for a full one minute, when you are pulled by securities harshly.

The belief of pilgrimage is so pious that people come from much distant states of India.
The first darshana called a "Mangla Darshana" happens at 5:15 in the morning, which is followed by -:
- Shringar
It is known that whoever comes here, returns with the peaceful mind and clean heart. Isn't that so unbelievable now a days? But so worth a try too.
My family usually visit Nathdwara once a year.
Well. On my personal experience and being not so religious, I really like my stay there for 2-3 days. The place give me kind of feeling which my home does. This place has some kind of magic where even being so congested, It gives your mind its own peaceful state. And that is provided to every visitor with the belief of better-ment.

With all these religious atmosphere, the place has good food.
Just note, it's not any fancy but all simple and palatable.
The place is famous for sweet called "rabri", it's a milk based sweet.

With all these crowd, there is another kind of crowd at market which has accesories for lord Krishna itself.
Also with that it sells beautiful accesories and sarees with intricate designs.

It's a must visit place If you are traveling to Udaipur side.
Aug 24 2023


Thank you for sharing your experience of visiting Nathdwara in Rajasthan. It's wonderful to hear about your personal connection to the place and the spiritual atmosphere that you found there. The devotion and piety of the pilgrims, the limited time for darshan (sight of the idol), and the sense of peace you described are all unique aspects that make Nathdwara a special destination.
Aug 02 2023


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