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Wake up & conquer your day with positivity! 

Nov 06 17, at 11:14 am
Reading time: 3 mins

A positive mind leads to a successful life!  

Positivity is highly needed these days to have a peaceful & happy life. There is so much negativity around, that needs to be turned into positivity. The universe runs on energy, what comes around goes around, as the newton’s rule states the energy is neither created nor destroyed it’s transferred from one form to other. The same goes for positivity, the more you spread positive vibes, the more universe gives it to you.

Morning is the fresh start of the day, if you think good & positive, your day will be wonderful, but if you think of things that you hate or annoys you, then it’ll be in your mind throughout the day, disturbing your peace of mind & adding to unnecessary stress, which is not good. So, in order to conquer the day with positivity, I have listed some things to follow & practise every day, it’ll eventually lead to a better lifestyle & positive attitude.                                                                                                           1 – gratitude exercise the first thing in the morning to do, when you’re still in bed, think of all the good times & memories you’ve cherished so far, everything you’re happy about living in the moment & all the things that you’re grateful to have & think of the person you’re connected with the most, it will instantly cheer you up & will brighten up your mood for the day. Trust me doing this will make you feel amazing!  

2- workout/sports – Next important thing to do in the morning is to exercise for about 30-45 mins, so your body will feel wonderful! you can choose anything you like to do from sports, gym workout, walk, run, swim, cardio, dance, etc. anything as long as it involves your body to sweat & move. This will make you feel active & energized throughout the day & it’s good for your body as well. 

3- read quotes/stories – what you feed & invest your mind in morning will result in throughout your day. Reading motivating, inspiring & cheerful quotes & stories will definitely get you going positive & will strive your mind to focus & do more.

4-  choose to eat healthy drink/food – In the morning, eating a healthy nutritious breakfast & drinking milk /fruit juice is very beneficial. Never skip breakfast, as it’ll provide energy to do your tasks without feeling low. So, instead of having heavy/junk food insist on eating light & healthy foods.

5- expand your vision – as every morning is a fresh start & a new day to work, think about new & better ideas, your life goals, plans to achieve & succeed. Thinking about specific thing every day definitely gets you a step closer towards it. So, your one day closer to your goal, work for it & be determined!

6 – smile more – be happy & smile more often, as it will create a positive atmosphere around you & it’ll release good hormones in your body, making you feel positive & keeping the stress apart. so, smile more & stress less.

7- dress well – dressing neat & stylish in the morning, gives you confidence, boosts your impression & makes you stand apart from the rest, instantly making you feel positive.

8 – be disciplined & punctual – in the morning, with a positive mindset, check your tasks to perform & meetings to attend throughout the day, this way you’ll be punctual with your timings & you can perform better in your work.

9 – communicate & appreciate – In the morning, communicate with your family/partner, be thankful to them, appreciate their efforts, seeing your dear ones happy, you will definitely feel good & positive. This will make you feel great throughout the day!    

10 – believe & push yourself harder – Always believe in yourself & your goals, you can definitely achieve anything, push yourself harder every morning, try to analyse where you’re lacking, your strong & weak points & try to work better every day with more focus & determination.                                                                                                                                                              Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, it takes a lot of hard work, patience, effort to create something magnificent! isn’t it?

Here are some quotes to motivate & inspire you, Check them out :


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Have a positive mind & smiling face !!

Riddhi jhala

Letting My Heart Out Through My Writing, Pro In Styling Outfits & Highlighting Face, Never Getting Enough Of Love & Food. Always Positive!