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Ways to Embrace Women's Day - Motivation Guide

Mar 07 18, at 20:52 pm
Reading time: 3 mins

Being a woman is not at all easy, it involves dealing with so many different things and juggling between home and work. You all must have heard someone or the other referring to women as ‘bad driver’ or ‘drama queen’, well there are many things that needs to be changed firstly, standing and supporting each other, instead of degrading one another -big mistake I tell you, ladies, Remember no one is perfect and flawless, so, you don’t have any rights to judge or say nasty things about anyone else. Secondly, don’t compare yourself to others, you don’t know what others might have been through and you can’t compare until you have walked in their shoes. Life isn’t always fancy as we see on social media, people only show off their happy moments and best outfits, you never know what happens behind the scenes - fake smiles and stressed life, so never predict anything and don’t compare yourself to anyone, right now it might not be the best day or moment for you but stay positive and believe in yourself! Your time to shine will come, just don’t stop, keep going!


Secondly, considering yourself inferior and letting men dominate you. Please get this thing in your head – ‘we are all equals, be it male or female’, we only have some physical differences but the rest is same. no one should let you down, you should always keep your head held high and be fearless in every pursuit. No one has the power over you, you can follow and achieve everything that you want. Long gone are the days when women were told to take care of the house, cooking and babysitting while men adhered to business and financial matters of the house. Now both are equals and there is no certain thing as such to be done by specified gender, both have an equal responsibility to take care of everything. So, being a woman you should not tolerate any differences or follow everything that your man, boss or any male asks for! Stand up for yourself and let them know that you are as good and firm as them.


Thirdly, be confident and never let anyone else take over your life decisions. Only you should decide what’s best for yourself, be it your career, job, interests, life partner and other things! If you are confused or need advice definitely seek out help from your near and dear ones but don’t completely follow what they say or rely on them, think for yourself and confidently step ahead with what you love or want to do. Lastly, no matter what don’t care what about others will think or society’s opinions, they will gossip for 5 mins and forget it anyway! So, you should not give a heck about it and follow your heart!


Everyone is beautiful in one or the other way, beauty is not defined by having a slim body or fair skin tone, it is who we are beneath our skin that radiates our persona on the outside. Tons of makeup but jealousy on the inside is useless while freckles but kind at heart shows beauty. All the other physical characteristics will fade with age but good values in our heart will remain same. So, try to nurture your heart with goodness and with that you would be beautiful.


So, on this international women’s day take a pledge to believe in yourself and follow your dreams. You are not born and raised just to sit at home doing nothing, we all have different interests, it’s time for you to follow your heart and rule your life the way you want and achieve great things in life.

Promise to be yourself and make a better change in your life!

I hope this article motivates you, for more such Inspiration follow me on Instagram @Ritzyglitzyblog

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Riddhi jhala

Letting My Heart Out Through My Writing, Pro In Styling Outfits & Highlighting Face, Never Getting Enough Of Love & Food. Always Positive!

Aug 24 2023


Your message carries a powerful and motivating sentiment about empowerment, self-belief, and breaking down stereotypes. It's important to encourage positive change and uplift women in all aspects of life.
Aug 02 2023


Beauty lies in kindness and values, not just appearances.